IFC - Women On Boards

Good corporate governance helps firms improve performance, drive growth, manage risks, attract and retain investors, and weather financial crises. To be truly effective, a board requires a diversity of skills, cultures, and views to make smart decisions with lasting impact.
A growing body of research shows that a broad set of business benefits is associated with gender diversity on corporate boards. These include improved financial performance and shareholder value, increased customer and employee satisfaction, rising investor confidence, and greater market knowledge and reputation.


30% CLUB

The 30% Club launched in the UK in 2010 with a goal of achieving 30% women on FTSE-100 boards by end 2015 - currently figures stand at 25.4% up from 12.5%. Accelerated progress has been achieved through the leadership of chairs and CEOs and our members. In addition to the critical recognition that better gender balance leads to better results, five factors created a replicable formula for success:

  • a measurable goal with a defined timetable
  • political consensus that the status quo was unacceptable
  • change driven by those in power
  • openness to collaborate
  • a concerted and consistent series of actions and programmes, from schoolrooms to boardrooms.


Women Ahead, Mentoring Program


"Smart companies cannot afford this loss of talent development and, thus, cannot risk leaving mentoring to chance… Women encounter gender-based barriers that keep them from enjoying the full benefits of informal mentoring… Formal development programmes are valued as career enabling significantly more by women than men."

- Catalyst, 2010

"In terms of enabling their career success, women value individualised types of development activity, such as personal feedback, coaching, mentoring and sponsorship – significantly more than men."

- KPMG, Cracking the Code, 2014


Dr Ana Maria Llopis, CEO ideas4all.com

"I will be aiming to work in what I believe. I believe the 21st Century is the century where ideas are going to be a tangible asset and crowd creativity will be unleashed. Where sharing would be more important than owning and possessing, where we will all be connected and will contribute to build a better society where women will be equal because we will all be orchestrating impartiality."


Women on Boards Reports

This collection brings together all documents relating to women on UK boards.


20% Women on Boards by 2020

Es una campaña a nivel nacional para aumentar el porcentaje de mujeres en los consejos de administración de Estados Unidos en un 20 % o más para el año 2020.